Book Keeping

You know how it is, you’ve worked hard all day and now you have to go home and you have to get your books up to date – but then there is always tomorrow!

Tomorrow never comes though, does it.

So then you have a day (or more!) off work to get everything up to date to submit to your accountant.

How much has that cost you?

It is a well proven fact that if you look after the ‘sharp end’ (the work) and let a decent book keeper look after the ‘back end’ (your accounts) you will always be up to date and more importantly in control.

We have a number of excellent people we can recommend to satisfy the ever increasing burden of legislation and minimum requirements of controlling your records.

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Business Plans & Forecasting

At various times in your business career, you will be required to provide a bank, a lender or whatever with a budget or cashflow, usually both, and a quality report attached to help you achieve the next stage in your development.

We can help. Many years of experience can make sure that you obtain fully what is required.Back To Top

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Business Rescue/Recovery

An area of success for us since 1996 in the turnaround of apparent loss causes very often business owners to have personal assets securing their business.

In addition when times get tough you need someone with the practical experience to help you through this tough time and make your business a success.

We have skilled accountants who although now in practice, have many years actually working in industry.

That’s what makes the difference – we know what it’s like to have wages to pay and creditors to pay when the bank are getting difficult!

We’ve practically been there, we can help.

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Business Taxation

Relates to the adjustment of your trading profit to arrive at a figure that will be assessed for corporation or personal tax, depending upon your business status.

Careful planning of asset purchases, the timing of allowances and their use can make the difference in the eventual amount of tax payable.

To achieve the optimum levels you should always plan acquisitions throughout your trading year and always speak to your accountant throughout the year – not just at the year end!

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Business Valuations

More and more valuations are required to support various schemes.

The changes in pensions legislation.The possible sale of your business – all or part.

We have staff experienced in compiling all reports suitable for submission to the HMRC to support all requirements.

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Your business is going well, but you need an experienced and qualified Accountant to help get you to that important next level.

If you employ someone, the cost can be prohibitive, but engaged on a consultancy basis you can be fully in control, at a cost suited to you.

Someone to work with you, not just for you.

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Corporation Tax

Tax on Limited Companies is currently an ever changing topic.

Recent budgets reveal the Governments apparent attack on small Private Limited Companies.

Again our skilled professionals can help in guiding you through this ‘sometimes’, minefield.

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Final Accounts

Whether you are a sole trader/partnership or limited company, legislation provides for a minimum requirement.

We use the latest systems to ensure you have all of the information necessary to satisfy all the current legislation and will always keep you abreast of future changes.

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When businesses of all types get into trouble there is a strong possibility of the cessation of trade.

This can come about because of a number of reasons such as customers defaulting on payment.

It is not always the end!

By using the skills of experienced Insolvency practitioners a business can be saved.

We use the services of Gerald Edelman & Co of Ashford in Kent and Harley Street, London.

A number of clients have benefited from their services to date establishing them to maintain their business and become stronger as a result.

The important: vitally important fact here is to speak to us as soon as you feel there is a problem. The sooner we get involved, the more chance of survival.

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HMRC – (Inland Revenue & Customs and Excise) are setting themselves up more and more so that we can all expect an inspection of books and records on a regular basis.

We carry fee protection so that should you be unfortunate enough to be ‘looked at’ we will handle the full investigation for you at no additional cost.

We will attend all meetings and generally hold your hand throughout to make what might be a worrying time easy to handle.

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Personal Tax

Like Business Tax, our aim is to use our skills to legally minimise your personal tax liability.

We use a skilled team of tax experts to consider your own personal situation to ensure you pay only the minimum tax possible.

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